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Have you ever asked yourself if jacket is just a fashion item or much more than that? One engineer example, far from the world of fashion, demonstrates that jacket is in fact the best protection against loss of energy – both in a manufacturing plant, in a production process, and in everyday life, when we are exposed to extreme weather conditions… Namely, ‘insulation jackets’ on valves within the system for technical steam and condensate distribution have been in use in Hemofarm since 2015.

Insulation jackets represent a specific engineer invention by which valves are ‘dressed’ in order to prevent or reduce the loss of heat to a minimum. These are special assembly/disassembly elements that contribute to the reduction of thermal loss on the technical steam and condensate pipeline in the production facilities of Hemofarm. The valves are places of joining installations, and as such places of potential energy loss. When an insulation jacket is simply put on them, their operation performance is maximised.

Hemofarm among top energy efficient manufacturing plants

The idea of installing insulation jackets came as a result of an assessment of level of energy efficiency of Hemofarm plants, carried out by IFC (International Finance Corporation), a branch World Bank. According to the report of IFC, Hemofarm plants have already joined the exclusive group of 20% of most energy efficient plants in their category in the world. The comparison was performed with adequate referent manufacturing plants in the USA, which are equivalent to Hemofarm in their size and production volume.

In spite of the excellent result in the assessment of energy efficiency level, an additional space for improvement has been observed – certain elements of the framework were the spots of heat loss and the project of installing insulation jackets began in 2015. The first phase of this project was completed already in 2016, with the assessment that the investment will pay off in two years already.

Valves ‘dressed’ in jackets save energy and money

The heat loss on the valves insulated with insulation jackets have been reduced to 11-20%, in relation to those non-insulated, according to the manufacturer’s data.

The annual savings achieved in Hemofarm plants owing to this project amounts to about EUR 35,000.

Fashionable jackets probably do not contribute to your household budget, since you have to spend certain amount of money on your favourite piece of clothing. However, they certainly save your energy from scattering, especially in cold or rainy weather.