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STADA countless reasons – Timo Möller

Interview with ESO Senior Manager Timo Möller


Why did you choose STADA as an employer and keep choosing STADA?

For me personally choosing STADA as an employer offers the opportunity to change my perspective on pharmaceutical industry and externally supplied medicines coming from CMO business in my previous role. STADA is driven by a unique growth culture that is inspiring and offers various opportunities for personnel and professional growth ,which is the key fact for me to keep choosing STADA.


Please name 3 reasons why working at STADA counts to you. 

• Make an impact.
• Possibility to grow professionally and personally.
• Agile and international work environment


What are your #CountlessReasons which turn the STADA brand into a unique working environment?
• Inspiring people
• Unique growth culture
• Agility
• Entrepreneurship


What special meaning do you see behind your work at STADA, why is it important?
In ESO we have an important role with high impact on the success of Stada business as being the interface towards our external network and negotiating for the best supply conditions. We drive initiatives to keep and improve the profitability of our external portfolio.


What are you particularly proud of in relation to your work?
Improving STADAs position in the market and establish strategic alliance management with our external partners. Resolving issues, identify and drive improvements with benefit for all involved parties make me personally proud.


What three words would you use to describe how it feels to work at STADA?
Inspiring, grateful (to be part of the journey and success story), excited (to see what comes next).


What are your personal goals at STADA and what do you want to achieve for the brand?
Grow professionally, never stop learning and improving , make an impact on Stada and its business with external partners and drive the change into the future of Stada and its further growth.