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Our development and learning programs

At STADA we have a strong personal growth proposition, each and everyone of us can make an impact and grow.

STADA XLRT – Fast-track your career

Our fast-track rotational program for aspiring leaders will accelerate your journey to new heights quickly. This program will propel you into a key leadership position after just two years. 

Starting out as a business manager, you will drive strategic projects and gain valuable experience in STADA's key functions. You will work on different national and international assignments to develop your skill sets. Our executive team will coach you and offer access to critical business insights, to boost your growth ambition. 

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Group of STADA employees standing outside of STADA Headquarters

Talent Development Programs – Own your growth

Building strong teams and developing leaders is part of our growth mindset. We have developed four core development programs for every stage of your STADA career journey.

You will develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become an inspirational and successful leader at STADA.

Our customised programs consider the uniqueness of participants and promote individual growth. Key business representatives will support you to ensure the highest impact.

Mentoring – Strengthen your uniqueness

With tons of learning happening all around, it is essential we harness its power for the whole organisation. Our global mentoring program aims at sharing knowledge and experiences across functions and countries. 

Mentoring allows you to expand your professional network on a global scale. You’ll also benefit from a wealth of diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds. 
Our latest initiative, Reverse Mentoring, encourages our Generation Z members to share their expertise on topics related to new technology, digital trends, and new ways of working. By mentoring senior leaders, we support cross-generational learning.

Mentoring programs contribute to promoting uniqueness and fostering a growth mindset, bringing us closer together as OneSTADA.

STADA go(es)FLUENT – Grow your language skills

Exchanging different perspectives and speaking up is an essential part of our unique Growth Culture. We believe learning languages brings us even closer together as an organisation and strengthens our collaboration as One STADA. 

You can easily improve your language skills with our online learning platform “goFLUENT”. Our language platform is available to all STADA employees worldwide. Accessible from any device, anywhere, you can seamlessly integrate learning into your everyday life.

Our Learning Approach

Our approach to continuous professional and personal growth is based on a three-strand learning approach:


We strongly believe in learning by doing. 70 per cent of development comes from engaging on-the-job activities, cross-functional teamwork, and challenging projects.


Social learning makes up around 20 percent of one’s personal development. We encourage social learning through networking, coaching, and mentoring and through mutually supportive relationships with colleagues.


The remaining 10 percent of our professional development time comes in formal course programmes or online learning. We also encourage team members to attend events and conferences.

Explore our range of positions available at STADA. It only takes a few minutes to provide your details and upload your CV on our job portal. 

We will confirm that we have received your application by email.