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What are Generics?

One of STADA's important business areas is the production and sales of inexpensive medicines that are generally known as generics. But what does this term actually mean?

Generics are pharmaceutical products that contain the exact active pharmaceutical ingredient as the original patented product of the initial supplier. Despite their high quality, generics are substantially cheaper.

How can there be such a substantial difference in price?

Pharmaceutical companies patent the drugs that arise from their own research and this allows them to have a monopoly in the sales of a product for many years. This means that these companies do not have to worry about competitors when setting prices so they can charge high prices. But once an initial supplier's patent, which can last for up to 25 years, has expired, other manufacturers of medicines like STADA can also produce these long-standing pharmaceutical products and sell them at significantly lower prices. These medicines are called generics.

Who benefits from STADA's low prices?

Many of the generics we produce can be purchased from a pharmacy without a prescription. In these cases, patients benefit directly from the significant difference in prices. Try to compare the prices for yourself. You would reap the benefits of directly asking your pharmacist for the STADA alternatives available.

STADA's prescription generics, which only a doctor can prescribe, also provide substantial cost savings in the public health care system. And this of course helps everyone since we all want our health care system to remain affordable and our health insurance payments stable. By the way: today more than 70% of prescriptions in Germany are for generics!

Are there differences in quality?

All pharmaceutical products approved for sale in Germany are subject to the same strict inspections and quality controlling by governmental regulatory authorities as with original products. A generic medicine must also meet every single requirement without a single exception. The effectiveness and safety of a generic product is equal to that of the original patented medicine. We aspire to the highest quality requirements. Experience and diligence in development and approvals as well as competency in production guarantee doctors and patients safe products and therapies.

Always low prices and easy to recognize: STADA generics!

Our generics are not only cheap, they are also very easy to recognize thanks to their packaging. See if you can pick out the STADA logo with the red corner at your local pharmacy. The name of our generics is almost always made up of the name of the active ingredient and the name of the manufacturer of the product.