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Health comes first

At STADA, our purpose ‘Caring For People’s Health’ also means caring for ourselves as One STADA team globally. Creating new healthy routes for our wellbeing empowers us to achieve our growth ambitions. We support each other’s physical and mental health through various benefits and programs year round. From New Year Resolution Challenge to STADA Health Challenge, we are always #CaringForYou.


Physical Health
and Wellbeing

  • Global Step Challenges
  • Building healthy habits

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Free online counselling & coaching sessions
  • Digital platform with self-care resources from prevention or crisis management for all employees and their families
  • Local Employee Assistance Programs

Employee benefits

Work remotely

Take advantage of our flexible working model to fit your schedule.

Eat healthy

Fuel your work day with a canteen/meal allowance.

Travel responsibly

Get from home to work with our eco-friendly mobility benefit.

Learn languages

Use our language learning platform, goFluent.

Stay safe

Work in a safe environment covered by accident, death & disability insurance.

And more local benefits!

Our teams are continuously improving our care packages.

Total Rewards Commitment

At STADA we’re approaching Total Rewards in a comprehensive manner. Based on our global People Strategy – we have global principles and processes, with local customization where necessary:

Equal pay

We at STADA treat people as the foundation ensuring diversity and equal opportunity at all levels of the organization. Therefore, we are developing programs, establishing practices, and ways of working that enable diversity, uniqueness, and gender equity in our workplaces. Following our purpose, vision, and values to treat all employees fairly and respectfully, for us gender is not a driver to differentiate pay and we firmly commit to the principle of equal pay for equal or comparable work.

Pay for performance

We ensure a globally driven annual compensation review process that revises each employee’s salary, considering performance and equal pay standards.

Our variable pay is based on STADA sustainable value creation and STADA values. This includes company-based performance, as well as individual performance.



We maintain competitive pay by comparison with relevant internal and external markets - we aim to reward comparably for comparable jobs. We use a global framework of established benchmark practices of the leading providers (WTW, Mercer, Hay) to assure overall comparability of our pay practices.

Employee recognition

We foster our Growth Culture and reward outstanding behaviors in line with our STADA values. We regularly recognize people and their achievements via:

  • Biannual STADA Value & Performance Awards in Townhalls
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Summer/year end celebrations
  • Employee Appreciation Day

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