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STADA Culture

We believe that culture drives performance, which is why our work environment enables our team members to thrive. Learn more about the culture and values at STADA, and discover how it feels to be part of a pharmaceutical company that continuously outperforms the industry.

Caring Day

Our purpose ‘Caring For People’s Health as a Trusted Partner’ is our north star and guides us in everything we do. It is what unites us, as One STADA Team, across geographies and functions. Every December 7th, we celebrate our purpose by giving back and creating a direct positive impact on people's health. From on site-blood donations, round table discussions with the Red Cross in Germany or the NHS in the UK, and many more - as oneSTADA, we care!

Discover our Values

To fulfill our purpose to the fullest, we are led by Integrity, Agility, Entrepreneurship and One STADA. These values are the foundation for all our actions - no matter who we are interacting with.


Do the right thing, when no one is watching!


Dream big and make it happen!


Grow from change and challenges!


Leverage the power of the Team!

Our Purpose: Caring for People's Health as a Trusted Partner

How it feels to work at STADA

“Collaborating with colleagues form other departments, my team and I understand processes outside of our own and it allows us to support them with a high level of Agility in changing circumstances.”


Senior Group Leader

“Being a member of the One STADA team for the past years has been a massive growth journey, consistently driven by a strong sense of aspiration. We are all local entrepreneurs with a global mindset, encouraging each other to dream big, be proactive, and constantly create value.”


Business Development Director & Portfolio Management

We are committed to Growth

Our global strategy focuses on three pharmaceutical segments: generics, consumer healthcare, and speciality. Aiming to out-grow the industry continuously, we believe that our culture drives our outstanding performance. With international reach, we rely on the ‘local entrepreneur, global mindset’ attitude to help us accelerate future growth. 

Read more about our Growth Mindset.

We make a difference

When you join the STADA team, you will contribute to making an impact on people’s health with personal accountability and growth. Each and every one of us embraces change and takes every opportunity to grow. We are all self-empowered to make a difference.  

Care to contribute? Browse our current vacancies

We Embrace Uniqueness

Everyone is unique, and at STADA we recognize our differences as our strength. Striving to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers, we’ve hired like-minded individuals along the way. We’ve grown to a staggering number of over 11,700 STADA team members. Our employees represent 93 nationalities of the world, to create a diverse and creative team.


The elements that make a person unique - age, gender, personality, experiences, and many more - all shape a unique person that brings in their own perspective and applies it to impact people’s health. Despite our differences, what connects us all is our shared unique culture and values.

Explore our range of positions available at STADA. It only takes a few minutes to provide your details and upload your CV on our job portal. 

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