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STADA countless reasons – Catalina Medaru

In our social media format "CountlessReasons", we ask colleagues worldwide about their reasons for choosing STADA as an employer and why they like working at STADA.

Our colleague Catalina Medaru, Global Category Manager HR & Professional Services from the Global Purchasing Team, answered the questions and here are her #CountlessReasons for STADA as an employer:

Why did you choose STADA as an employer and keep choosing STADA?
It’s that great feeling when someone truly believes in you and gives you the possibility to grow and to be better one day at a time. 


Please name 3 reasons why working at STADA counts to you.
Great team, nice work environment and good communication.


What are your #CountlessReasons which turn the STADA brand into a unique working environment?
Supportive, flexible, and friendly working environment.


What special meaning do you see behind your work at STADA, why is it important?
I feel that being part of STADA I can bring a real contribution to our stakeholders and to our procurement team.


What are you particularly proud of in relation to your work?
Being able to make procurement team be seen as an asset by the company and by our stakeholders.


What three words would you use to describe how it feels to work at STADA?
Challenging, dynamic and collaborative


What are your personal goals at STADA and what do you want to achieve for the brand?
I do hope that at some point I will be part of the leadership team – wishful thinking 😊; I am currently doing my MBA and I do advocate for continuous learning. I hope that by doing my MBA and through hard work, I will consolidate my role in STADA and grow my relationship with my stakeholders. Currently, my focus is to improve my skills as Category Manager; savings and payment terms are important for us as Procurement Community, while handling the work with empathy, communication, and learning from one’s mistakes and as Einstein said “ Failure is success in progress”.