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Be A Growth Mindsetter!

Not sure what this means exactly? We've got you covered! Watch these inspiring videos - created by STADA Growth Mindsetters.

19 June 2024, early morning in Madrid. Participants in the “Get Growing” leadership development program were on a three-day session when a surprise video challenge was announced. Two videographers entered the meeting room. In just six hours, the group was tasked with creating two “Growth Mindset” videos to promote STADA's unique Growth Culture.

Why a Growth Mindset Matters

Listen to the participants explain what a growth mindset means to them and why it matters on a personal and collective level. 

How you can cultivate a Growth Mindset

From seeking feedback from mentors to embracing challenges and learning from mistakes ... Watch STADA employees' sharing what it takes to be a Growth Mindsetter.

STADA is a testimony of Culture drives Performance. It is our ambition to continue building a sustainable environment in which our people grow and excel, today and tomorrow. I truly believe that a healthy, self-empowered organization translates to a strong growth culture that ultimately drives performance!

Simone Berger
Chief People Officer (CPO)


200% Growth Mindset at STADA

Growth Mindset is a powerful approach that emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and resilience. And it’s part of our unique Growth Culture, one of STADA’s five strategic priorities. At STADA, we believe that the key to personal and professional growth lies in adopting a growth mindset.


Understanding the Growth Mindset: What does science say? 

Research by psychologist Carol Dweck distinguishes between two types of mindsets: fixed and growth. People with a fixed mindset assume that skills are static traits that cannot be developed. In contrast, people with a growth mindset believe that skills can be developed through dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn from feedback and experience. These people are more likely to succeed than those with a fixed mindset. By cultivating a growth mindset, we can change the way we approach challenges, setbacks, and opportunities.

STADA’s initiatives to promote a Growth Mindset

At STADA, we are dedicated to fostering a growth mindset that empowers our employees to achieve their full potential. To integrate a growth mindset into our daily operations and culture, STADA offers many initiatives: Learning and Development Programs, Feedback Culture, Growth-Oriented Performance Reviews, and much more.