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Lunestil: Your sleeping-support

STADA drives further expansion with appealing innovation in growing sleeping-support category. New Lunestil® duo-capsule technology and unique ingredient combination offer innovative ways to get a good night’s sleep.


The new Lunestil® duo-capsule technology and unique ingredient combination offer an innovative way for pharmacy customers to get the good night’s sleep of which they dream. A comprehensive 360º promotional campaign, including television commercials, will encourage consumers to seek advice in pharmacies.



Amid all the challenges of the past couple of years, it seems hardly surprising that many people are finding it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. Indeed, the STADA Health Report survey of 30,000 Europeans across 15 countries that was conducted in 2022 found that just over one in five (22%) regularly get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.  

Concept tests run in major European markets, involving more than 3,500 consumers with sleep problems, have confirmed that Lunestil® could support a considerable number of people. The research shows that consumers appreciate Lunestil®’s duo-capsule technology and identify as relevant Lunestil® advantages and combination of natural ingredients. Furthermore, consumers perceive Lunestil® to be a premium brand.


Belgium's market-leading sleeping-support

Within just two months of launch, Lunestil® became Belgium’s market-leading sleeping-support. A satisfaction survey conducted among 325 Belgian adult users found that Lunestil® customers were far more satisfied than users of alternative sleeping support brands. With a strong majority of consumers with sleep disturbances saying that Lunestil® met their needs, repurchase rates among Belgian Lunestil® users exceeded 75%.

In local markets, STADA is supporting the launch of Lunestil® with a comprehensive advertising campaign built around a distinctive visual identity based on a “dream sleep”.

By combining channels such as television, cinema, radio, digital and out-of-home, STADA will maximize its reach to raise awareness among consumers with sleep problems, draw attention to the Lunestil® brand and test it in pharmacies. A comprehensive point-of-sale support package is designed to encourage patients and customers to seek expert advice in store.

The Lunestil® brand is an innovative product developed for our consumers with sleep-related problems.


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