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At STADA, we respect and value our personnel, investors, partners and those who use our products, the communities in which we work and the natural environment. Each and every one of us constantly strives to make a positive impact on the world around us by focusing on the way we work and live.

1st Global Sustainability Report

It comes naturally to STADA because sustainable development stems from our values

it comes naturally for STADA because a great vision is always sustainable 

It comes naturally for STADA because the future can be seen better from the top

It comes naturally for STADA because our strategic priorities stem from 125 years of sustainable thinking

It comes naturally for us because health, the economy, and the environment are ONE - like STADA is

Caring for people’s health

Our strategic priorities and values are the basis of our entire commitment to sustainable development in order to lead sustainable business and growth, while achieving a positive impact on people and their health, the economy and the environment. And we bring these to life everyday. For us, caring for people’s health is more than providing support for prevention and treatment through a complete range of STADA’s quality, reliable and affordable pharmaceutical products. It also involves raising awareness of personal health care and healthy lifestyles, while supporting public health care systems. Further, it is our civic duty to act as responsible citizens - we as individuals, we as a team and a society. This is exactly what makes us a partner of trust and choice when it comes to people’s health.

Peter Goldschmidt, CEO


Leading marketing and sales platform

Improving the quality of life of people through access to affordable, modern and highest quality products.


Superior growth through pipeline acceleration

Launching innovative products with clear patient benefits.


Benchmark low-cost operating model

Establishing highly resource-efficient production to be competitive.


Highly efficient and reliable supply chain

Enabling economic sustainability based on good governance.


Growth culture

Developing ONE STADA for growth – for our people as for STADA.


Decent work and economic growth

STADA strives to offer fair and supportive working conditions to its employees. This enables achieving sustainable economic growth.



Good health and well-being

For STADA personal sustainability means good health and well-being. This is reflected in STADA’s purpose and enabled through a portfolio of products and relevant pieces of advice in line with preventive education.


Responsible consumption and production

To achieve positive ESG impacts, STADA is setting its own targets and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, while striving to be more sustainable in its operations.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

For a better health, STADA constantly improves its product portfolio and production infrastructure together with its employees, stakeholders, and local communities.


Partnerships for the goals

STADA leads active dialog with its stakeholders and initiates new partnerships to meet the SDGs addressed by STADA’s operations.