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Care+® Virasoothe Relief Cooling Gel / Spray
• Relief from irritating symptoms of chickenpox and supports natural healing
• Helps reduce scarring and helps stop the itch-scratch-infection cycle
• Can be applied to both the face and body and suitable from 6 months

Care+® Ibuprofen 5% Gel
Effective relief from pain and inflammation

Care+® Adult Glycerin Suppositories
Relieves occasional constipation

Care+® Aqueous Calamine Cream
Relieves mild sunburn and other minor skin conditions

Care+® Witch Hazel
Gently cleanses and tones skin

Care+® Co-Lactase
Lactase enzyme drops to reduce the lactose content in milk (transient intolerance to lactose can be a cause of colic)

Care+® Clove Oil
Temporary relief of toothache

Care+® Glycerin Lemon & Honey with Glucose
Relieves cough and sore throats


Brand in international markets: United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, MENA Region, Asia