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STADA - Caring for People's Health

A message from Peter Goldschmidt, CEO

STADA’s 13,000 employees around the world can be extremely proud of the group’s performance in 2022.

We were able to supply more than one billion units to patients, delivering on our purpose of Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner. Being a reliable supplier of medicines and healthcare products is reflected in our double-digit sales and profit growth.

This progress was particularly impressive given the considerable geopolitical and economic challenges we faced in 2022. The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to directly impact the lives of millions of citizens, including many of our STADA colleagues, to whom we are offering all the support we can as part of our broader humanitarian aid.


Peter Goldschmidt signature

STADA has outperformed the market in terms of sustainable growth

Group sales 2022 (adjusted)
€3,797.2 million

EBITDA 2022 (adjusted)
€875.2 million

Packages sold

Delivery capacity

One of the most sustainable pharmaceutical companies

Operative cash flow 83% cash conversion rate

Number of licensing deals 2022

13,183 employees worldwide (balance sheet date)

Women in leadership positions

Overall employee satisfaction score

"Caring for People’s Health” starts with STADA’s employees

STADA’s key to success lies in its highly engaged team and its culture. The four company values – Agility, Entrepreneurship, Integrity and One STADA – form the basis for all decisions made and actions taken by STADA employees.

As part of STADA’s fifth strategic priority – growth culture – the company strives for a productive team that is highly skilled and engaged. Being the best team in the industry is only possible if employees, their inclusion, and their continued development are STADA’s number one consideration, in the spirit of “Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner.”

13,183 employees worldwide (balance sheet date)

Women in leadership positions

Overall employee satisfaction score

STADA among the top ten percent of the most sustainable pharmaceutical companies

STADA continues to make great strides in implementing sustainability goals, as confirmed by an independent assessment. Based on a comprehensive framework of more than 70 management indicators, the leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating organization, Sustainalytics, announced a further improvement to the company’s ESG risk rating in December 2022.

Consistent with its own areas of business, company purpose, and values, STADA supports the implementation of the following SDGs:

of STADA products are included on the WHO essential medicines list.

By using recycled cardboard for packages, STADA was able to preserve nearly 22,000 trees in 2021.

STADA generates €1.6 billion with local brands

STADA is the fourth-largest consumer healthcare company in Europe and markets products internationally in all relevant healthcare categories. This is now the largest sector by sales in the company.

Affordable generics have been the backbone of STADA since 1895

Affordable generics are the backbone of the European healthcare system. STADA offers generic products in all essential product categories. 

By providing the same active ingredients, often at a significantly lower price than the cost of original products, suppliers can offer patients affordable access to generic products for proven treatments of a variety of medical conditions and illnesses.

As a major player in the generics sector, STADA supports patient care with affordable medicines. This is especially true in Europe, where the company ranks as the fourth- largest manufacturer and supplier of generics in terms of sales.

Seven out of ten medicines prescribed in Europe are generic, but these account for only about 30 percent of all pharmaceutical expenditure.

The EG STADA Italia team putting their heart into it on the “Tour della Salute”.

Specialty pharmaceuticals on the rise

For STADA, the development and supply of specialty pharmaceuticals that have been inaccessible or only partially accessible to patients until now is a perfect addition to its purpose of “Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner.” The goal is clear: to improve access to life-changing treatments for patients worldwide.

Specialty pharmaceuticals are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry. These are medicines that are often used to treat chronic, severe, or rare diseases, and for which demand is considerable and increasing. This may include new formulations, combinations, or applications that bring additional benefits to well-known medicines. Specialty pharmaceuticals typically have complex aspects as regards manufacturing, prescription, distribution and administration.

Developing and manufacturing such specialty pharmaceuticals, and informing both doctor and patient about their application, require special expertise. STADA already has extensive experience in patient care across the entire treatment spectrum – from vitamins and food supplements to biologic therapies against cancer.

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Around 7,000 employees in TechOps worldwide


2022 STADA sells more than 1.2 billion packages


Trusted partnerships with a total of 16,700 suppliers

STADA Annual Report 2022