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STADA - Caring for People's Health

A message from Peter Goldschmidt, CEO

The pandemic continued in 2021 to have a strong impact on our lives and business. Covid-19 put the healthcare sector under strain. On the other hand we see that the contribution doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and our industry bring to society is strongly recognized. For STADA, this was an occasion to intensify partnerships and prove resilience; an opportunity to demonstrate the huge value to people delivered by the pharmaceutical industry.

Within STADA, our company purpose of Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner was, more than ever, our North Star for all our employees during these challenging times.

It is precisely this corporate purpose that is STADA’s unwavering frame, even in the current crisis – the war in Ukraine. Our primary goal is to provide patients with the medicines they need, regardless of nationality or political persuasion. Here we act in accordance with the UN, WHO and all international pharmaceutical associations. STADA will always put the health of all people first.


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Group sales 2021 (reported) € 3,249.5 million

EBITDA 2021 (reported) € 776.5 million

Supply service level

Packs supplied

Safety in production facilities improved

Operative Cash Flow, 77% cash conversion rate

Licensing Deals 2021

12,500 employees worldwide

Women in leadership positions

Responses in global employees survey: "I'm proud to work for STADA."

Diversity: STADA focuses on the uniqueness of its employees

STADA views diversity as uniqueness. After all, it is the approximately 12,500 employees worldwide who, with their different personalities, backgrounds and expertise, form an outstanding team. This always aligns its actions with the four corporate values and does its best every day to achieve a common goal: Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner.

In order to focus on the importance of each employee’s uniqueness, a campaign called #UniquenessStartsWithU was launched in 2021.

The starting point for this is the firm conviction that every person is unique and STADA’s recognition of differences as a strength. Whether gender, age or ethnicity, experience, sexual orientation or social background – every facet of a personality ensures that a person is unique and can contribute with their individual strengths to make STADA successful. After all, different perspectives can be enriching and lead to new ways of thinking, creative approaches and innovation.

Sustainability comes naturally for STADA


STADA’s strategic priorities stem from more than 125 years of sustainable thinking, and the company’s values provide the basis for continual development. Developing a framework to connect our values and company purpose with the concept of sustainability is the next logical step.


Consumer Healthcare - our strong brands


STADA is one of the fastest growing consumer healthcare companies. We offer healthcare products in all relevant healthcare categories. We sell our products in around 120 countries worldwide. Consumer Healthcare branded products such as Zoflora®,Grippostad®, Snup®, Aqualor®, Vitaprost® and Nizoral® are among the best sellers in their respective product categories.

Specialty pharmaceuticals – adding value through innovation

Speciality pharmaceuticals - medicines that are often used to treat chronic, complex or rare conditions and have a number of unique features in terms of prescribing, administration, distribution, storage and drug monitoring - are an increasingly important part of healthcare. With such differentiation, speciality pharmaceuticals have the potential for sustainable margins over several years.

According to a recent report by market research firm IQVIA on the global use of pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmaceuticals will account for nearly three-fifths of all pharmaceutical spending in the ten largest developed countries by 2026, compared to just under half of current spending. Cancer, immunology and neurology treatments in particular are expected to drive this trend, so that specialty pharmaceuticals will account for 45% of global drug spending in the next five years.

STADA has been active in this area for many years, not least with Parkinson’s disease therapies offered by the Group’s Britannia subsidiary. In oncology, the introduction in 2019 of injectable bortezomib solution presented multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers across Europe with a ready-to-use option that does not need to be reconstituted.

STADA supplies affordable generics reliably

Generics, as medicines that contain the same active ingredient(s) as the original reference medicines and are used in identical dosages to treat the same diseases, form the backbone of sustainable access to medicines around the world.

Two-thirds of all medicines prescribed in Europe are generics, but these medicines account for only 29% of total pharmaceutical expenditure. Without generic competition, patient access to these medicines would cost European countries an estimated € 100 billion more each year.

In terms of value, STADA is the fourth largest manufacturer and supplier of generics in Europe and holds a top five market position in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Serbia and Switzerland. STADA thus makes an important contribution to providing access to affordable healthcare. In recognition of this, the Group
was named “Company of the Year, Europe, Middle East and Africa” by the respected trade journal Generics Bulletin for the fourth time in a row.


STADA’s production locations – keep supplying medicines

Consistent and reliable production despite challenging times


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One STADA - one voice across all channels

New claim for STADA

“Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner” has been STADA’s purpose, or main mission, since the beginning of 2019. Since then, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, this claim has become STADA’s trademark and a promise to all stakeholders. Therefore, the short version “Caring for People’s Health” is used as a global claim by all STADA subsidiaries. 

STADA Annual Report 2021