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STADA expands diagnostics portfolio: New user-friendly self-tests for five areas of indication

  • 29/08/2013
  • Press Release

Bad Vilbel, August 29, 2013

STADA has expanded its diagnostics division and is now offering five self-tests that are available exclusively in pharmacies. The tests have been specially designed so that they can be used at home simply and safely. They cover five areas of indication: The menopause test verifies an increased concentration of follicle simulating hormone (FSH) in urine. FSH levels rise at the beginning of menopause. This can lead to a number of symptoms which may require treatment. The iron test provides information on whether the concentration of iron in the blood is too low. Antibodies for helicobacter pylori, bacteria that can be the cause of gastric diseases, can be measured with the H.pylori test. There is also an FOB test which reveals non-visible intestinal bleeding, as well as a test to determine gluten intolerance. "The self-tests are an ideal addition to our diagnostics portfolio. With the reliable and easy-to-use products as well as the professional advice of the pharmacist, we would like to make the necessity of a visit to the doctor more clearly recognizable for pharmacy customers. Experience has shown that many people avoid going to the doctor for various reasons", says Lothar Guske, Managing Director of STADA Medical GmbH and responsible for STADA Diagnostics.

The self-tests were developed in cooperation with the mecical products manufacturer Mexacare in Heidelberg. In order to ensure that the products optimally meet the needs of the user, a close exchange took place with doctors and pharmacists during development. "As a traditional pharmaceutical company that was founded by pharmacists, we of course very much value the expertise of this professional group", emphasizes Guske. "They help us to develop products that can make a contribution to the health and well-being of our customers". By selling the products through pharmacies, we also ensure that users receive competent advice."
At the time of the purchase, the customer receives all necessary components for the relevant self-test as well as comprehensive supplementary information on the results of the test. Carrying out the test requires merely a drop of blood, urine or a stool sample, depending on the indication. With the help of the instructions which come with the test, the user learns whether it would be advisable to visit a doctor for further diagnostics and therapy. "With or without the test: if there is any doubt, a visit to the doctor is always advisable. The tests can provide additional assistance in overcoming a natural inhibition with regard to a personal visit to the doctor", says Guske.
STADA Medical GmbH is a company of the STADA Group. STADA Arzneimittel AG is a publicly-listed company with headquarters in Bad Vilbel, Germany. STADA consistently focuses on a multi-pillar strategy of generics and branded products (OTC) with an increasingly international market orientation. The Group is the only independent generics producer in Germany. Worldwide, STADA is one of the five leading companies in the generics industry and is represented in more than 30 countries with approximately 50 subsidiaries. Branded products such as Mobilat, Grippostad and Ladival are among the highest selling in their product category in Germany. In financial year 2012, STADA achieved Group sales of Euro 1,837.5 million, adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of Euro 367.5 million and adjusted net income of Euro 147.9 million. As of December 31, 2012, STADA employed 7,761people worldwide.
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