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Fostering innovation to build a strong world

Pharmaceuticals are products that have a direct impact on people’s health. For this reason, as a pharmaceutical and healthcare company, STADA is responsible for ensuring the group-wide safety of its products and, thus, also the safety of patients.

At STADA, we are deeply committed to promoting the off-patent pharmaceutical industry and ensuring affordable, high-quality medicines through industry associations. We firmly believe in providing the best healthcare for all.

As part of that commitment, we enjoy innovating on proven ingredients and investing in sustainable technologies. Our aim is to make a positive contribution to society through the modernization of STADA's products and infrastructure. We prioritize using sustainable practices and technologies in all aspects of our business to reduce our environmental impact.

We understand that achieving our goals requires collaboration and partnership. That's why we work closely with our employees, stakeholders, and the community to not only improve the quality of our products and services but also to make a positive impact on the world around us.

At STADA, we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives everywhere.

The overarching goal of our activities is to develop, manufacture, and supply high-quality medicines that support public healthcare systems and contribute to public health. By constantly updating and improving its product portfolio and production infrastructure in collaboration with its employees, stakeholders, and local communities, STADA strives to have a positive effect on society.

Here are some great initiatives from our colleagues globally:

Heartwarming Impact from STADA 📍Vietnam!

We are immensely proud to share that STADA’s affiliate in Vietnam has been actively supporting a heartfelt initiative led by our internal Youth Union. In collaboration with the local City Youth Union and other Youth Unions from the health sector, such as provincial hospitals, we aimed to improve access to essential medicines in underserved, rural areas.

This meaningful initiative included providing health checks and medicines to local communities, making a real difference in the lives of many. Throughout 2023, STADA supported five such activities, delivering over 500 medical units and treating more than 500 individuals. It’s incredible to see how our collective efforts bring hope and health to those who need it most.

Inspiring Progress at STADA 📍Spain!

In 2023, STADA made remarkable strides in self-managing customer business documentation, such as e-invoices, duplicates, and the 347 forms, resulting in savings of over €50k. This impressive figure is expected to be surpassed in 2024.

E-invoicing alone led to a 16% reduction in paper invoices, significantly contributing to our sustainability commitment.

Moreover, our beloved probiotic CHC brand, Lactoflora, began incorporating e-leaflets in all its packs, eliminating the need for paper versions. In just 12 months, over 160,000 Lactoflora packs were released with e-leaflets, saving 480 kg of paper and €7k in costs. Additionally, 1,700 patients in Spain downloaded a Lactoflora e-leaflet, embracing this eco-friendly innovation.

These efforts not only showcase our dedication to environmental sustainability but also highlight our commitment to efficiency and innovation. Together, we're making a significant difference!


If you want to know more about STADA’s contribution, read the Global Sustainability Report.