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STADA Insights – Global Product Manager Biosimilars Adam

Adam Valent is Global Product Manager Biosimilars at STADA and shares insights of his first challenging international launch. Right from the start, he felt the strength of entrepreneurship and cohesion of the One STADA team that never gives up or stands still. Always committed to the same goal – our growth strategy. His story emphasizes again that our employees are the pillars that build and strengthen STADA.


Please introduce yourself and your role at STADA.

My name is Adam Valent and I am working as a Global Product Manager Biosimilars at STADAPHARM in Germany. Being part of the Global Biosimilars team, my job is to launch, manage and coordinate STADA biosimilars successfully on a global level. In addition, I lead meaningful commercial activities and guide the affiliates to represent STADA’s ambitious strategy, values and purpose.


What was the moment you knew you had made the right decision to work at STADA?

When we launched our first international biosimilar – Movymia®. The atmosphere was full of positive tense; people could not wait to have our first biologic on the European stage. Ever since the One STADA feeling infuses my daily work, regardless, it is within our department or cooperating with the broader team. Everyone has the same goal, and it is amazing how people can support each other when we all go in one direction.


What excites you about your current role?

I have joined STADA before the first biosimilar launch; we did not have any patterns or good examples to follow. Personally, it was a great challenge to start everything from square one.

When you are a part of a small team, you must live by the values. Being agile is essential to be successful in one of the most advanced areas of the pharma business. We had to build up our STADA Biosimilars brand brick by brick, but we are open to any possible solutions that can make us move forward. Since 2018 we laid the foundations not only the STADA Biosimilars branch and Movymia®, but we work enthusiastically on our upcoming launches, like Oyavas®.

What does the STADA purpose “Caring for people’s health as a trusted partner” mean to you personally and how does it influence your job?

Our slogan at STADA Biosimilars is “Inspired by the original, available to more”. We have an extremely promising pipeline in the field of biologics. These medicines are not “ordinary” chemical drugs but derived from living cells and they offer new treatment options for multiple severe diseases. With our biosimilars, we can provide the same treatment possibilities as the reference product but for more people in an affordable way. This is our mission and also our drive every single day.