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STADA Insights - Global Demand Planner Fares


Please introduce yourself and your role

My name is Fares Trabolsi and I am a Global Demand Planner in the Global Supply Chain department of STADA. The goal of my team is to drive excellence by challenging forecast quality and identifying as well as rolling out best practices within the company. To ensure continuous improvement of the overall demand planning process, our team have implemented the concept of the demand review meeting as well as a new demand planning and forecasting tool. My main responsibilities include organizational alignment of to-be processes, preparation of workshops and driving changes in the demand planning processes.


You have been with STADA since 2012 and have been able to grow your career a lot since joining. What made that possible?

I am a pharmacist and have a master’s degree in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics. My first step at STADA was my career start in 2012 as a trainee in the marketing department of the German STADA affiliate ALIUD PHARMA. One year later, I was able to take over the role Manager Forecasting and Market Research. Since I am a very ambitious person, I have always set myself new goals and continuously focused on my personal and professional development. As a result and with the support of STADA, I was able to advance my leadership skills to take responsibility for the Planning & Forecasting department of ALIUD PHARMA as a Team Leader shortly after. After seven great years at ALIUD PHARMA, I accepted the new challenge to be a part of the Global Supply Chain team at STADA headquarters.

I have been able to grow my career a lot within the company because at STADA everyone gets the opportunity to develop continuously and receives required trainings and support in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. At STADA, we know that we always have to keep in mind that we are responsible for our own development. Asking for feedback and making the people around you aware of where you want to go will help you in getting the guidance and insights you need to be successful.


What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my ability to drive STADA’s future growth by participating in one of the global talent development programs and by having a positive impact on the health and well-being of people all over the world.

An incredible experience was being part of a project that developed a tender planning model in order to define ALIUD PHARMA's market share accurately and to improve forecasting. The main objectives of this project were to increase the forecast precisely, save time and minimize errors of manual work.

Another major achievement is the implementation of the demand-planning tool in line with the affiliates’ requirements and standards, which results in time savings, higher work efficiency and greater forecasting accuracy. For the project, I was able to work with STADA colleagues from many different countries, as the demand planning system will be available for all STADA affiliates globally.


What is the most crucial part of STADA’s company culture? What are your favorite things about the ALIUD and STADA office sites?

A decisive part of STADA’s corporate culture is the chance for personal and professional development, which were my main reasons to join the company. It is great to always feel well looked after. STADA was a crucial part of my education, as I had the opportunity to accomplish my training program as well as my master’s degree within the company. I received unlimited support in improving my language and working skills. When I joined ALIUD PHARMA, I did not speak German at all. Now and with the support of my colleagues, I speak German fluently. Therefore, STADA is more than just an employer for me; by taking initiative for my own development, it is the place where I receive appropriate support to improve my personal and professional skills and develop my talent.

Based on our corporate value Agility, internal transfers enabled me to move from ALIUD PHARMA to STADA headquarters in order to make use of my full potential and utilize my knowledge on a global level. As a part of the One STADA team it does not matter where you are located, what really counts is the team spirit.

ALIUD PHARMA and STADA share a great passion for development, a joyful working environment and inspiring leadership. You can talk openly about any topic, have fun at work and support each other. In my new position, I now have the possibility to get to know many colleagues all over the world and to stay in contact with my ALIUD PHARMA colleagues at the same time, whom I am planning to visit as soon as the situation allows it.