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Insights into working at STADA

The best way to tell you what it is like to work at STADA is to let our employees share their experience with you. More than 10.600 employees work for STADA around the globe. Naturally their workplaces and tasks differ a lot. Get an insight into working at STADA and your possibilities by joining our group of companies.


STADA Procurement Academy

Zorana Subasic, Indirect Procurement Manager at Serbian Hemofarm, in an interview with STADA EVP global Human Resources Simone Berger on the STADA Procurement Academy.

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Operational Excellence

We spoke with
Jessica Schönborn, a member of the core international Operational Excellence team at STADA, about her work optimizing the efficiency of the STADA Group, conducting international webinars and the changes in the corporate culture.

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Digitalization of pharmacies

Apotheken Fachkreis is a digital initiative of STADA subsidiary ALIUD PHARMA® GmbH. Digital Marketing Manager Steffen Nold leads this project. We talked to him about this pioneering project to help pharmacists with digitalization.

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