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Insights into working at STADA

The best way to tell you what it is like to work at STADA is to let our employees share their experience with you. More than 10.600 employees work for STADA around the globe. Naturally their workplaces and tasks differ a lot. Get an insight into working at STADA and your possibilities by joining our group of companies.


STADA Procurement Academy

Zorana Subasic, Indirect Procurement Manager at Serbian Hemofarm, in an interview with STADA EVP global Human Resources Simone Berger on the STADA Procurement Academy.

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Operational Excellence

We spoke with
Jessica Schönborn, a member of the core international Operational Excellence team at STADA, about her work optimizing the efficiency of the STADA Group, conducting international webinars and the changes in the corporate culture.

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STADA Insights - OTC Marketing Lead Diksha

Diksha Ahuja manages our marketing activities for Consumer Healthcare products at STADA MENA. Learn more about her first two years at STADA, what she learned about the company and why she loves our growth culture.

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STADA Insights - Global HR Trainee Anna


Anna Cron joined STADA as Global HR Trainee during the Covid19 pandemic in May 2020. In our interview, she talks about the benefits of the trainee program and the virtual onboarding experience. She also gives us insights on how she already makes an impact in the global OneSTADA team.

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STADA Insights – Global Product Manager Biosimilars Adam


Adam Valent is Global Product Manager Biosimilars at STADA and shares insights of his first international launch. Right from the start, he felt the strength of entrepreneurship and cohesion of the One STADA team that never gives up or stands still. Always committed to the same goal – our growth strategy. His story emphasizes again that our employees are the pillars that build and strengthen STADA.

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STADA Insights - Medical Sales Manager Wim


Wim Denolf, Medical Sales Manager at STADA’s affiliate EG in Belgium, leads a successful team of medical sales representatives focusing on agility and entrepreneurship. In his interview, Wim shows us that commitment greatly influences our daily work and that everyone at STADA can have a positive impact on people’s health.

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STADA Insights - SAP Consultant Iva


Iva Avejic is a SAP Consultant at STADA and plays an important role for a joint IT and HR project. In our interview, she provides insights into working in a diverse global project team during COVID-19. She also talks about her experiences while working from home and shares valuable tips to stay efficient and motivated in your home office.

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STADA Insights - Portfolio Manager Collin


Working as a Portfolio Manager Generics after successfully completing the graduate program at STADA in Germany, Collin shares insights on his career journey and his greatest achievements. Find out what excites Collin about his current role and his favorite thing about STADA headquarters in Bad Vilbel.

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STADA Insights - Global Demand Planner Fares


As a Global Demand Planner Fares Trabolsi plays an important role in the global Supply Chain of STADA. In our interview, Fares talks about how he was able to achieve the ambitious goals for his career that he started as a Marketing trainee at our affiliate ALIUD PHARMA.

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