Company History

Company History


  • STADA exceeds two-billion-euro mark in sales
  • Purchase of the Russian branded product portfolio Aqualor® for the self-medication of sinusitis and sore throat



  • Optimization of German sales
  • Establishment of an IT shared service center for the group in Serbia
  • Acquisition of the British OTC provider Thornton & Ross
  • Introduction of a 2D barcode as the first pharmaceutical company in Germany
  • Introduction of the personalized drug therapy business with "STADA diagnostics"
  • Establishment of a logistics and distribution center in Dubai



  • Sale of two of the four Russian production facilities in Moscow and Ryazanskaya
  • Foundation of a subsidiary in Australia
  • Sale of the Irish production facility STADA Production Ireland Limited
  • Purchase of a branded product portfolio for EU markets in Central Europe
  • Purchase of a generics business in Switzerland



  • Purchase of a branded product portfolio for Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • Cooperation for the development of two biosimilar products
  • Acquisition of the British branded product Cetraben®



  • Acquisition of the British Forum Bioscience group
  • Acquisition of the Russian MAKIZ group



  • Acquisition of the Serbian Hemofarm Group
  • Sale of US subsidiary



  • Acquisition of a package of eleven European branded products (amongst others Mobilat®)
  • STADA acquired a 58% stake in the Chinese pharmaceuticals manufacturing company BCP
  • Acquisition of the Portuguese generics supplier Ciclum Farma
  • Acquisition of approx. 97.5% of the shares in the Russian pharmaceuticals company, Nizhpharm



  • Acquisition of a portfolio of Branded Products in Italy
  • De facto 1:1 stock split
  • Early Entry Mirtazapine



  • Capital measures raised total net funds of EUR 256.4 million
  • Acquisition of a package of branded products from redinomedica, for the German OTC market
  • Acquisition of UK generics supplier Schein Pharmaceuticals with generics sales line Genus
  • Acquisition of 60% stake in Italy's NPA, a sales specialist in the pharmacy sector
  • For the first time: Market capitalization > EUR 1 billion



  • Start of operations in the USA with the sales company STADA Pharmaceuticals Inc. after acquiring the business of the US generics supplier MOVA Laboratories
  • Acquisition of marketing and sales activities of Italian pharmaceutical company Crinos
  • Acquisition of Spanish generics supplier Bayvit S.A.
  • STADA increases stake in Spanish brand supplier Ciclum Farma to 100%
  • Acquisition of numerous local branded products
  • Conversion from German accounting standards (HGB) to IAS
  • Inclusion in EuroSTOXX 600 stock index



  • Sales exceed the EUR 500 million threshold
  • Conversion of preferred shares into registered common shares
  • STADA common stock is included in the German mid-cap index, MDAX
  • Majority investments in the Philippines (Croma Medic Ltd.)
  • Start-up of biogenerics cooperation with DSM, utilizing private venture capital



  • Stock split 1:10 for common and preferred stock
  • Acquisition of Clonmel Healthcare Ltd., the leader in the Irish generics market



  • Start-up of STADA Asiatic Co. Ltd., Bangkok
  • Investment in Spain in Ciclum Farma, Madrid
  • Start-up in Italy with EG S.p.A., Milan



  • Conclusion of the process of going public with registered common stock
  • Acquisition in Denmark (PharmaCoDane Aps)
  • Positioning as comprehensive supplier in the health care market with the acquisition of oncologics (cell pharm) and a package of discretionary prescription brands from Fresenius



  • Beginning of process of going public with non-voting preferred stock



  • Purchase of ALIUD PHARMA as second generics line in Germany
  • Expansion into France (EG Laboratoires EuroGenerics S.A.) and the Czech Republic (ALIUD PHARMA CZ s.r.o.)



  • Expansion of the STADA Group structure with market-oriented sales companies



  • Start-up in Asia with STADA Pharmaceuticals (Asia) Ltd. in Hong Kong



  • Acquisitions in the Netherlands (Centrafarm B.V.) and in Belgium (N.V. Eurogenerics S.A.)



  • Beginning of internationalization (Helvepharm AG/Switzerland, STADA Arzneimittel/Austria)



  • Entry into the emerging generics market



  • STADA becomes a stock corporation with registered shares exclusively for pharmacists



  • Move to the present location in Bad Vilbel



  • New beginning at the locations in Essen and Tübingen with products for self-medication



  • Founded in Dresden as a pharmacists' cooperative
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