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Contributions to Society

As a pharmaceutical and health-care company, STADA not only has an obligation to ensure the safety and quality of its products but, with its generics portfolio, it has also assumed a responsibility for providing society with access to affordable medical care and prevention. The Company thus makes a critical contribution to society: it allows people to protect their most important asset, their health.

At the same time, the Company helps to alleviate the cost pressures that burden health-care systems: due to the relatively low research and development costs attributable to generics and biosimilars, they generally represent a low-cost alternative to the significantly more expensive original products and STADA passes this cost benefit on to its consumers and the health-care systems.

According to a study by the association Pro Generika e.V., the share of generic drugs – including biosimilars – used to meet the daily required drug doses, for example in Germany, amounted to 78%, whereas they only amounted to around 9% of drug expenses, despite representing such a large share of treatment.

With its branded products portfolio, STADA contributes not only to health care, but to preventative health care in particular, thus satisfying society’s growing need for private health-care management (see "Annual Report 2018: Fundamental Information about the Group – Group’s Business Model").


Product Portfolio and Development

To meet to its social responsibility and to secure its competitive position over the long term, STADA’s product portfolio is continuously expanded and optimized.

STADA’s business model is focused on supplying the global health-care market with a near-comprehensive portfolio, comprising products with patent-free active ingredients at competitive prices. In the Generics segment, STADA pursues the goal of launching a generic product in the respective market directly following the expiration of the original product’s patent protection. In the Branded Products segment, which also generally includes active ingredients that are no longer protected, the focus is on additional benefits for patients.

STADA has implemented a Group-wide “idea-to-market” process for the execution of this concept. As part of this process, a detailed evaluation of all product ideas for the Generics and Branded Products segments is carried out from a technical, regulatory and commercial standpoint and according to a global market analysis. All applicable quality requirements regarding the safety and efficacy of a product are reviewed during the development cycle and particularly in the context of the approval process. At the end of a product life cycle, relevant products are actively removed from the portfolio as part of an orderly process.

The entire process is accompanied by the Executive Board. This ensures that the current portfolio composition follows the Group strategy as a whole. Continuous optimization of the product portfolio is monitored via the corresponding number of new product launches and the number of ongoing approval procedures (see "Annual Report 2018: Fundamental Information about the Group – The Group’s Business Model”).


STADA as a Health Partner

STADA believes that it is not only responsible for providing society with access to safe and affordable health care, but also further considers its role as a health-care partner. In this way, the company also aims to increase society’s health competence and create awareness for dealing responsibly with one’s own health. In this context, the publication of high-quality health-care information has for many years made a contribution to the education of society. Thus, STADA created a Health Blog ( which is accessible to everybody and is present in social networks. This channels deal with a range of health topics with the aim of improving physical and mental well-being. STADA: Caring for people´s health as a trusted partner.

Beyond that, STADA initiated the STADA Health Report in 2014. At the core of this Report, which is supported by experts from medicine, science, sport, and lifestyle, is an annual study. The basis of the respective studies are surveys carried out among the population on their attitudes, desires, behaviors and knowledge related to the topic of health. In reporting year 2018, the survey was carried out in various countries for the first time: 18,000 people, in nine countries across Europe were asked. The corresponding STADA Health Report is published in 2019 and available in various languages.