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More than 120 years of corporate responsibility

As early as 1895, the founders of the Professional Community of German Pharmacists (STADA) set a goal to care for the wellbeing of its patients by preparing certain medicines in accordance with standardized guidelines. The safekeeping of society’s greatest asset, its health, has always been the focus of STADA’s business activities. Until today, STADA contributes to efficient and affordable health care and preventative health care and, at the same time, helps to ease the burden on health-care systems.

After STADA reported a Non-Financial Report for STADA Arzneimittel AG and the Group for the financial year 2017 for the first time, thus taking into account the requirements of the CSR Directive Implementation Act, processes were established to query these aspects globally and to collect corresponding data points centrally in the further course of the year. The first step was taken by starting to implement systems to record and later monitor CSR issues. Reporting has been prepared within the scope of a combined separate Non-Financial Report - published as a separate chapter within the 2018 annual report on pages 91 to 101.

The Non-Financial Reporting of STADA includes the following aspects: product safety and quality, its contribution to society, a responsible corporate governance and compliance including anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures, employee matters, environmental protection and ecological sustainability as well as the observance of human rights.