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Information on financing of the Takeover Offer

In the context of financing of the takeover offer of Nidda Healthcare Holding AG, the acquiring company of Bain Capital and Cinven, STADA Arzneimittel AG published on its website a report referred to as “Information Release”.



Statement of the Company on the Information Release:

In the documentation in connection with financing the public takeover of STADA Arzneimittel AG by Bain Capital and Cinven it is indicated that the investigations conducted by the Supervisory Board into former members of the Executive Board did not uncover any evidence of self-enrichment, bribery or other criminal activity that would give rise to any material negative impact on the business, operations, results or prospects of STADA. However, the investigation report provided to the Supervisory Board contains a number of indications of potential gross breaches of duty by former members of the Executive Board, with associated potential damages claims. The investigations into these potential transgressions by former members of the Executive Board have not yet been completed and are ongoing. The former members of the Executive Board have been given the opportunity to state their position on any such matters.