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Access to healthcare

STADA provides access to affordable health care through its generic and biosimilar portfolios, thereby reducing cost pressures on health-care systems. With its Branded Products portfolio, STADA also contributes to preventive health care.

Relevant topics for STADA’s material assessment:

  • Availability of medicines and optimized portfolio
  • Health prevention education
  • Developing local communities and healthcare (CSR)

Availability of medicines and optimized portfolio

STADA improves the quality of life of its patients through access to affordable, modern and highest quality products. That makes STADA a trusted partner.

STADA demonstrates its support to public healthcare systems by the fact that its pharmaceutical portfolio is tailor made to respond to actual clinical image of the countries in which STADA operates, based on actual needs of population and patients across these countries. This approach proved to be of the highest importance during the pandemic when a lot of STADA’s products were used in the virus treatment and control protocols.

Making medicines available to people directly support fulfilling the UN SDG#3. 

Health prevention education

Health education represents for STADA one of the most impactful strategies for implementing health promotion and disease prevention programs. It provides learning experiences on health topics. Health education strategies at STADA are tailored for their target population – either professional public or patients and users of STADA products. Through health education STADA presents information to target populations on particular health topics, including the health benefits/threats they face, and provides tools to build capacity and support behavior change in an appropriate setting. The overall goal that STADA strives to achieve is substantial support to health prevention through developing healthy lifestyles among global population while contributing to fulfilling the UN SDG#3. Public healthcare systems could become sustainable only if each person tries to lead healthy lifestyle based on medical prevention. One of the best tools for STADA on its journey towards better health are its Health Stories (available at: or via #healthstories) that deal with all the important topics and issues of health in modern life.

Developing local communities and healthcare (CSR)

STADA is aware that effective corporate governance and CSR practices could have positive impact on public health. In general, global society faces many serious problems such as poverty, disease and environmental destruction, among others. That is why STADA, in the first place, harbors a high degree of social responsibility through its products (medicines) that are made available to the general public. Access to these products can make the difference considering quality of life and good healthcare.

Support to local public healthcare systems usually requires developing local communities. That is why STADA implements various environment, social, and economic strategies to manage its businesses and produce an overall positive impact both globally and locally.